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Changsha Huanghua International Airport Continues to Improve Its Ground Transportation

Taking tourists' demands into consideration, Changsha Huangsha International Airport has progressively improved its ground transportation to ease access to major stations in Changsha City proper and neighboring cities around the stations. At present there are four bus routes to the airport, namely, Coral Hotel-Changsha Airport route, Changsha West Bus Station-Changsha Airport route, Changsha South Bus Station-Changsha Airport route (stopping at Wuhang-Guangzhou High-speed Station) and Changsha Railway Station-Changsha Airport route.


The Changsha Railway Station-Changsha Airport route has been upgraded into a high-quality airport express. Airport buses equipped with real-time vehicle monitoring and mobile TVs depart every 10 to 15 minutes. In addition, there are four provincial routes, namely, Xiangtan Route, Zhuzhou Route, Changde Route (stopping in Yiyang City) and Yueyang Route, as well as one inter-provincial route- Pingxiang special route. As per the air-ground multimodal transport project, initiated by Changsha Airport, Southern Airlines Zhuhai Branch and ticket office of Hunan Civil Aviation, free airport bus tickets are provided to those who book their ticket at Huanghua International Airport. This project seamlessly integrated Wuhan- Guangzhou High-speed Railway with air services.


The short-term targets for restructuring ground transportation are to standardize existing routes, open new routes to Changsha North Bus Station and West bank of Xiangjiang River and expand air-ground multimodal cooperation with airlines. The non-appointed multi-purpose vehicle project provides one-stop service for passengers, picking them from their homes using pilot airport buses.

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