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Flight Transfer Service in Changsha Airport Demands No Security Check

Passengers can head for the waiting hall as long as workers stamp on their tickets at the transfer counter.

From May 29 on, tourists do not need to undergo check in and security check when transferring their airlines in the Changsha Huanghua International Airport. The transfer service project is provided for passengers with interline tickets, so as to help them realize quick transfer.


According to the service introduction, passengers asking for transfer service in this airport can have their transfer procedure done at the transfer counter in T2 Terminal. And it’s reported that there is two support staff to provide service in each counter. Guided by the staff, transfer passengers can go directly to the quarantine area and arrive at the gate waiting to board.

As the service is still in its early stage, only transfer passengers with no registered luggage are allowed to enjoy the service.


And from the same day on, if possible in the airplane, any adult passengers purchased international tickets from China Southern Airlines can apply cradles free for their baby. The baby is required to be aged from 14 days to under one-year-old, whose height should be no more than 70 cm and weight less than 11kg. Given the limited cradles, passengers shall provide their applications at least 24 hours prior to the departure.




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