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Xiamen Airlines to Add Two Changsha Routes

Xiamen Airlines will soon add two more Changsha Routes: Changsha- Lanzhou  Route and Changsha-Mianyang Route .  The information reads as follows:


1 A Changsha-Lanzhou route will commence on March 31st.

Flight Number: MF8257/58

Changsha  10:10- 12:25 Lanzhou
Lanzhou    13:15- 15:30 Changsha

One flight everyday


2 A Changsha-Mianyang route will commence on April 11th.

Flight Number : MF8439/40


Changsha 16:10-18.25 Mianyang
Mianyang  19.10-20:55 Changsha

The flight is available every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.


The special starting price from Changsha to Lanzhou and Changsha to Mianyang is 240 Yuan and 360 Yuan respectively.


For details, please contact Tel:0731-89981233.


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