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Changsha-Huai’an Direct Flight Launched

For those in Hunan who plan to travel to Huai’an, hometown of Zhou Enlai (the honored and first Premier of China), there is some good news: a direct flight from Changsha to Huai’an was officially launched on Oct. 28th.


The flight MU2977/88 takes off once per day from Huai’an at 7:50 am and arrives in Changsha at 9:30 am. From Changsha, the departure time is 14:15 pm with arrival in Huai’an at 16:00 pm. The flight fare is 1240 RMB with a maximum of 70% discounts available in the first month after the launch of the flight.


The direct flight from Changsha to Huai’an, will bridge the hometown connection of three great men—Mao Zedong, Liu Shaoqi and Zhou Enlai (the birthplace of the former two being in Hunan). Additionally, it will also advance red tourism and promote economic, cultural and commercial exchanges between the two locations.

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