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Flights Canceled Due to Typhoon "Haikui"

As typhoon Haikui hit the coastal region, up to15:00 of August 8, over 30 flights departing from Changsha Huanghua International Airport to Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai have been canceled.

The canceled flights include:
Changsha - Shanghai: MF9391, MF9392, MU5357, MU5358, FM9395, FM9396, HO1123, HO1124, 9C8943, 9C8944, CZ3968, CZ3969, HO1143, HO1144, CZ3967, CZ3970
Changsha - Ningbo: MU2395, MU2396, MF8583, MF8584
Changsha - Hangzhou: MF8466, MF8453, CZ6489, CZ6490
Changsha - Yiwu: CZ3867, CZ3868
Changsha - Chongqing: MU2395, MU2396
Changsha – Kunming: CZ3867, CZ3868


Please accept our apologies for the canceled flights, and keep checking the latest airport announcements and flight information, or consult Airport Hotline (86-731-84798777) before your departure. For passengers travelling via China Southern Airlines, please call 86-731-84799333 for latest flight information.

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