Passenger Notices

International Flight Guide

Passengers taking international flights can reserve their seats in advance at sales offices or authorized agencies of the carrier. Passengers who have already reserved seats should purchase tickets within time limit, to avoid cancellation of the reservation. If passengers do not intend to use the seats they reserved on international or regional flights, including connecting flights, they should ask the sales offices or its agencies to cancel the reservation as early as possible.


Reconfirmation of Reservation
Passengers having reserved their seats on connecting return international or regional flights should reconfirm if they have a stay at the connecting or return points for more than 72 hours. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of the reserved seats. Passengers staying at the connecting or return points for less than 72 hours do not need to reconfirm their reservations.



A ticket (including baggage check) is an evidence of the contract of carriage concluded between the carrier and passenger. It is also an evidence of the baggage checked for transportation. A ticket is valid only for the passenger whose name appears on the ticket. Tickets are not transferable and cannot be altered. Any transferred or altered tickets will be void.

Validity Period of Ticket
The validity period of normal fare tickets that are either one-way, roundtrip or circle trip is one year according to IATA. The validity period of special fare tickets or discounted normal fare tickets will be calculated according to related regulations.


Children Fare
Children between the ages of 2-12 years can travel using the Children Fare which is at a 25% discount. Unaccompanied minors are charged subject to our applicable fare policies.
Infants under the age of 2  can travel at a 90% discount of the published fare but will not have their own seat assignment.


Airport Construction Fee
In China, the airport construction fee amounts to CNY90 (around US$13) for international flights. Passengers holding diplomatic passports, transit passengers staying at the airport within 24 hours and children under or 12 years of age are exempted from the airport construction fee.


If owing to the reasons of the airlines or passengers themselves, a passenger is unable to take the flight specified on his ticket, refund can be asked in accordance with regulations. Such refund can only be made at the original place of purchase or an alternative place agreed upon by the authorities within the validity period of the ticket.

Free Baggage Allowance in Weight
On international flights, the free baggage allowance for each published adult-fare or half-fare passenger is as follows: first class fare ticket 40kg; business class fare ticket 30kg; economy class fare ticket 20kg. Allowed baggage for infants under the age of 2, traveling at a 90% discount of the published fare is different for each airplane companies.


Free Baggage Allowance by Pieces
It is applicable for transportation between China and America, China and Canada. Different airlines companies have different regulations.


Hand Baggage
 In addition to free baggage allowance in weight, each passenger holding a full-fare or half-fare ticket can carry the following articles free of charge: a lady’s handbag, an overcoat, a raincoat or a traveling blanket, a walking stick or an umbrella,  reading materials for the trip, a small camera, a pair of small binoculars, infant’s food (for which an application should be submitted to the airplane company in advance), an infant’s carrying basket, a fully collapsible invalid chair or a pair of braces or artificial limbs.

Forbidden Articles
 Flammable and explosive items, corrosives, poisonous items and toxins, radioactive materials, compressed gases, infectious material, polymerizable and magnetic substances and other dangerous items are forbidden to according to related national laws and regulations. Passengers are not allowed to carry on board arms, sharp or lethal weapons. Checked baggage should not contain cash, pearls, jewels, gold and silver articles, documents, negotiable securities and other valuable articles.


Travel Documents
International passengers should complete all formalities concerning passport, visa and other travel documents before taking an international flight. You should bring your ID card, passport, valid travel documents and other personal necessities with you and not put them in the checked baggage. The carrier will not be responsible for any loss caused by incompleteness of travel documents of the passenger. However, in case of any loss to the carrier in such scenario the passenger will be responsible for all losses and payment to the carrier including (but not limited to) fines.

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