Passenger Notices

Luggage Regulations

Carry-on Luggage: First-class passengers may carry two pieces of luggage free of charge; business and economy-class passengers may only carry one piece of luggage free of charge. Each piece of carry-on luggage must not exceed 20×40×55cm, and the total weight of all carry-ons must be under 5kg. Any item exceeding the carry-on weight, number or size restrictions as listed above must be handled as checked luggage.

Free Luggage Allowance: The free luggage allowance (including checked and unchecked luggage) for all passengers is: 40kg for first-class passengers, 30kg for business class passengers, and 20kg for economy class passengers. There is no free luggage allowance for passengers with an infant ticket  (except with Air China, which grants passengers with an infant ticket 10 kg of free luggage allowance). The free luggage allowance of passengers taking a flight together may be totaled. If passengers hold VIP cards of different carriers, their free luggage allowance may be calculated according to the standards of the individual carriers.


Prohibitions in Luggage Transport: Items prohibited in carry-on and checked luggage include flammable, explosive, corrosive, poisonous, radioactive, polymerizable and magnetized materials, including lighters, matches and any other hazardous item. Passengers are not permitted to carry sharp objects or weapons of any kind. Also forbidden in checked and carry-on luggage are: items that are forbidden or restricted to be carried and transported according to national laws and regulations, hazardous items, items with strong pungent odors, and items that could stain or damage the airplane.


Items Prohibited to be Carried in Checked Luggage: Passengers are not permitted to check important documents or a diplomatic pouch. Securities, currency, exchange notes, valuables, and other items needing special care should not be carried in checked luggage. Should such items carried in checked luggage be lost or damaged, the carrier will only compensate according to the rules for normal checked luggage. Lighters and matches are forbidden to be carried in checked luggage. We reserve the right to, at any stage of the luggage check process, refuse carriage of any luggage that includes prohibited items. Should restricted items be found in passenger baggage at any stage of the carrying process, we reserve the right to halt carriage.


Luggage Packing: Your checked baggage should be properly packed, secured and able to hold up under normal shipping operation conditions. We reserve the right to refuse carriage of any baggage that fails to meet requirements, and we shall not be responsible for any damage arising therefrom.


Baggage Compensation: Should checked luggage be partially or totally damaged, or if lost, compensation will be calculated up to RMB 100 (or equivalent currencies) per one kilogram (2.2 lbs). If luggage value is less than 100 yuan per kg, the loss compensation will be based on actual luggage value. Compensation for accidental loss of carry-on luggage in-flight, or during the boarding/disembarking process, will be calculated up to RMB 2,000 (or equivalent currencies).


Luggage Value Declaration: Should the value per kilogram of checked luggage exceed 100 yuan, passengers may declare their luggage value during check-in. The carrier charges a 5% excess value fee for luggage with declared value above the normal applicable liability limit. The charge shall be paid in RMB. In the event that this luggage is lost, passengers will be compensated according to the declared value, and the excess value fee will not be refunded. The maximum declared luggage value for each passenger is RMB 8000 yuan.

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