Cargo Service


Airport Freight, which is affiliated with Hunan Airport Industry Co., Ltd, is the only air freight agency directly under Hunan Airport Management Group Co., Ltd. and the largest proxy company in the air transportation sevice industry in Hunan Province. Relying on the facilities of Changsha and based in Sanxiang (north, west and south of Hunan), its service network covers all of China, with five offices in Zhuzhou, Xiangtan, Chenzhou, Yueyang and Huaihua, as well as branches in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and long-term partners in coastal cities across the country.


Based on the modern enterprise system, the company has established a unique and efficient management system. Currently, the company mainly engages in cargo transportation business across the country, including international and domestic air freight, customs clearance, insurance, air express, air charter and transfer. For years, Airport Cargo Station has been devoted to innovation, holistic development, social contribution and overall company excellence. Relying on their unique advantageous location and developing new ways of air freight development, the company has developed from a simple delivery service into a multifunctional logistic enterprise integrating comprehensive transportation and sale services such as international and domestic air freight, express shipping, storage, inquiry and delivery, and winning the Category II aviation freight certificate of the China Civil Air Transport Sales Agency Services. It has been the top choice of several domestic first-class airlines, including Air China, China Eastern, China Southern Airlines, Xiamen Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, Hainan Airlines, Juneyao Airlines and OKAIR. Also, having the ability to accommodate dozens of different types of passenger-cargo aircraft and all-cargo aircraft in the Boeing and Airbus series, it is a professional airport logistics company in Hunan airport. As the company with the largest scale, most complete service scope, best standardized operation and first class services, it was awarded an AAA rating in the Hunan province logistics industry in 2009.


Airport Freight Station Service Promise:
1 24-hour service for check-in, inquiry and space reservation for domestic cargo
2 Cargo delivery time within 2 hours of the domestic flight arrival


Airport Freight Station Service Hot-lines:
Space reservation for out-bound cargo in Huanghua Airport: +86-731-84797570
Domestic cargo check-in: +86-731-84797576
Domestic cargo pick-up: +86-731-84797550
24-hour outbound service hot-line: +86-731-84797598
Domestic cargo (express delivery): +86-731-84798525
International cargo check-in and pick-up: +86-731-84797560

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