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Domestic Departures from Terminal 2

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Checking-in and getting boarding pass:

You may find the check-in counter corresponding to your flight number on the Flight Information Screen. If you need any other information about your flight, please inquire at the information counter. Please produce your valid ID card to complete passenger identity and luggage registration at the check-in counter. You will receive your boarding pass and have the opportunity to check your luggage. . If you do not intend to check any luggage, you may opt to process your boarding pass directly at the self-service counter. Note: The 80 check-in counters in the departure hall are divided into sections A, B, C and D.

Check-in counters for China Southern flights are located in Section A.
Check-in counters for all other non-China outhern domestic flights are located in Sections B.
Check-in counters for all other non-China outhern domestic flights are located in Sections C.
Check-in counters for International / Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan flights are located in Section D.


Luggage Check:

If you have luggage to check, you may do so at the check-in counter as you register with your ticket and valid ID card. After checking your luggage, you will receive your boarding pass.

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Security Check:

Please produce your boarding pass, flight ticket and ID at the security check counter. You will be required to pass through the security gate while your carry-on luggage goes through X-ray inspection. This process helps ensure flight safety.

机场 机场

Waiting Lounge:

After passing the security check, you may go to the waiting lounge located at your flight's boarding gate. The boarding gate number will be indicated on your boarding pass.


To ensure a smooth boarding process, it is recommended that passengers arrive at the boarding gate 30 minutes before departure. Please pay attention to the flight information at the gate and begin boarding as directed.


Domestic Departure Procedure in T2 (Chart)

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