Service Commitments

Passenger Service

1 Staff Service Promise
According to our Staff Service Promise, the first-asked staff member in all terminals of the Changsha Huanghua International Airport shall be responsible for sufficiently answering any question asked by passengers and assisting in solving any problem they may have.

2 Luggage Trolley
Luggage trolleys are available in all terminals free of charge. All luggage trolleys are guaranteed to be in good working condition.

3 Toll-free Telephone
Passengers can make a local call of up to 3 minutes free of charge.

4 Drinking Water
Drinking water and disposable wares are provided in terminals free of charge.

5 Passenger Ticketing
Terminal ticket offices offer outstanding passenger ticketing service.

6 Sanitation
The cleanliness of the terminals is ensured, as is a bright and well-ventilated environment with a comfortable room temperature. The cleanliness of all washrooms and maternity rooms can be expected during at least 95% of normal flight hours. Liquid soap and toilet paper shall always be available.

7 Special Care
Special care is available upon application for passengers needing special assistance, such as unaccompanied children and elderly, infirm, or disabled passengers.

8 Speedy Check-in
Time waiting in line for check-in should not exceed 14 minutes 95% of the time.for domestic economy passengers. First class and business class passengers should expect to wait in line less than 5 minutes 95% of the time.

9 Seat Selection
Flight check-in staff will do their best to meet passengers’ individual seating needs according to their application order.

10 Security Check
Security check time for domestic passengers should be less than 12 minutes 95% of the time.

11 Battery Insulation
Lithium battery insulating materials are available free of charge.

12 Priority Boarding
Priority boarding is available for VIP, first class, business class, and other special passengers.

13 Flight Delay Reassurance
In the event of flight delay, flight information will be announced every 30 minutes and corresponding services will be provided according to airport standards.

14 Inquiry
Inquiry desks and information phones in the airport waiting hall provide real-time flight information and related inquiry services.

15 Lost and Found
The Airport is obliged to find and keep lost items within the airport for passengers and return them to their owners according to relevant regulations.

16 Emergency and First Aid Services
The airport provides 24 hour medical emergency services.

17 Police Response
On-duty airport police will arrive at the scene within 8 minutes of any call from the aiport terminal.  

18 Complaints
Passenger complaints are received and handled around the clock. Passengers can expect a ressponse to their complaint within one working day.. The investigation and handling of general complaints will be usually completed within 5 working days, and major complaints will be acknowledged with a written response within 10 working days.

Luggage Service

19 Free luggage lock
Disposable luggage lock is provided if required by the passengers.

20 Immediate luggage delivery
Passengers from flights docked at the T2 covered bridge (except those docked at bridges far away) can receive their registered luggage in no more than 20 minutes.

21 Luggage claims
We accept and settle on-spot damaged luggage situations.
22 Delivery of luggage
Delayed luggage arriving at our airport will be delivered to passengers’ place of residence in Changsha within 24 hours.


23 Commodities sold at marked price
Commodities in passenger terminals are sold at marked prices, and counterfeit and substandard goods are evaded.

24 Goods available at economical price
All food retailers in passenger terminals provide  at least one kind of mineral spring water and instant noodles having the same quality and at the same price as that of hard discounters in the city.

25 Commodities  refund
Goods sold in passenger terminals can be refunded within 3 days.

26 Goods are of the same quality and price as those sold in the city.
Brand retail goods provided by committed business sellers in passenger terminals are of the same quality and price as those in the city.

Commitment brands: VASTO, Diplomat, Xiudu, DESIGN GO, High Lectra, Vatican Sinuo, KALTENDIN,China Red, Xinxiuli, BIEM.L.FDLKK, London fog, SKAP, BALLY, Kiehl's, RADO, LONGINES, MIDO, TISSOT, CK, SWATCH, FLIKFLAK, Kipling&Lesportsac, etc. 

Freight Service

27 Receive freights day and night
Round the clock domestic cargo reception service is provided (except special cargo).
24 hour service line: +86-731-84797598

28 Fast delivery
The cargo will be delivered by domestic flights within 2 hours after the arrival of the aircraft.
29  Fresh products for immediate delivery
24 Hour product delivery are available for fresh and live goods.

VIP Service

30 Chargeable personal services
We can offer personal services according to the requirements of the passengers. These services include:
exclusive use of VIP lounge for sponsors, or privileged use of VIP lounge;
exclusive use of VIP lounge for cooperated partners;
services for Joyflight VIPs;
VIP service for business class flyers;
special services for government officials and high caliber passengers;
first-class and business cabin lounge services .

Joint Inspection service

31 Fast customs clearance
Time for customs clearance shall be within 15 minutes.

32 Timely customs inspection
For over 95% passengers, exit and entry frontier inspection time is no more than 25 minutes.

33 Green channel
Frontier inspection station posts “green channel”, “wait free”, and “first-aid” signs on the spot. Diplomatic and courtesy passengers, deputy to National people’s congress and member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), passengers holding cards of APEC business travel card, and elderly, weak, sick, handicapped and pregnant passengers have privilege to use green channel. Wait-free service is provided to delayed passengers; and passengers who suffer serious illness can receive “first-aid” services.

34 Quarantine inspection
Processing time for inspection and quarantine (including nuclear radiation and radioactive materials testing, temperature screening and carry-on luggage check) is no more than 15 minutes per passenger.

35 Port visa
Under conditions that international and Taiwan passengers apply for port visa, in accordance with relevant provisions, the endorsement time will not surpass 5 minutes per passenger.

36 Parking
Queuing time for parking is less than 3 minutes for 95% cars.

Business Aircraft

37 All-round coordination
We guarantee that business aircraft should be well-coordinated.


Above-mentioned commitments are in the scope of Changsha Huanghua International Airport and related Committee members. In extreme or contingency cases, or when implementing the related emergency tasks required by the State Administration, some of the commitments might not be fulfilled. In such scenario, Changsha Huanghua International Airport and the Committee members will take every effective measure to minimize the inconvenience caused thereof.


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