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The Hunan Airport Aviation Ticket office offers services including domestic and international passenger ticket sales, flight inquiry, real-time flight information, and airfare inquiry. We can arrange an itinerary and the sale of one-way tickets, connecting tickets, round-trip tickets, and group tickets departing from many major cities. We also offer free of charge both on location ticket booking for conferences and door-to-door ticket delivery within the city limits. Our service extends to assisting passengers with advance check-in and providing business VIP services. Key clients and contracted units are eligible for even more discounts and privileges. The office conducts the sale of domestic and international airline tickets and is responsible for ticket change/refunds, seat confirmation, etc., in accordance with the Civil Aviation Law of The People’s Republic of China and Civil Air Passenger Transport Regulations. In case of irregular flights, the office will assist in ticket change and/or refund according to airline regulations.


For detailed information about international tickets, please visit website of Hunan Airport International Tickets Sales Center at http://www.caac4118625.com/.
Contact Information of Hunan Airport Aviation Ticket Office in Hunan's cities


Changsha Huanghua International Airport Ticket Office
Tel: 86-731-8479766686/84798666


Changsha Ticket Offices

1. Domestic Ticket Office:
Serving domestic individual and group passengers booking domestic one-way, round-trip and connecting flights. Group passengers may be eligible for discount rates.Passengers may choose free door-to-door ticket delivery (within the Changsha city limits) or to pick up and pay for their ticket at the airport service counter.  
Tel: 86-731-84112222 ext. 2 (domestic); 86-731-84128169 ext. 2 (domestic)


2. International Ticket Office
Our office is an authorized A-class specialized agency in international air transportation approved by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the General Administration of Civil Aviation of China (CAAC) and the South-Central China Civil Aviation Administration. It has developed sales agency relationships with over 50 international airlines, providing competitive prices and professional services including free passenger ticket inquiry for key airlines and convenient, economical flight schedule booking. In case of heavily booked flights, the office can help apply for reserved seating.    
Tel: 86-731-84118625/84152389
Fax: 86-731-84113903
Add.: No. 49, Wuyi Avenue, Changsha, Hunan


Zhuzhou Ticket Offices

1 Downtown: 86-731-28208000 (daytime); 86-731-28225276 (evening)
Add: No. 298, Jianshe Road (S), Zhuzhou, Hunan

2 Tianxin District: 86-731-28438111
QQ: 741918448
Fax: 86-731-28244442
Add.: No.4, Yingbin Road, Tianxin District, Zhuzhou, Hunan


Ticket Offices in Xiangtan

1 West of the Xiangjiang River
Tel: 86-731-58224084/58223982
Add.: No. 117, Dahu Road (N), Xiangtan, Hunan (diagonally across from the Xiangtan City Finance Bureau)

2 East of the Xiangjiang River
Tel: 86-731-58565292/-58562777
Add.: No.5, Jintaiyang Square A Zone, Jianshe Road, Xiangtan
Fax: 86-731-58239024
QQ: 1525599520
Postal code: 411100


Yueyang Ticket Office:
Tel: 0086-730-8610777/8610866
Fax: 0086-730-8610966


Huaihua Ticket Offices

1 Huaihua Airport Ticket Office:
Tel: 0086-745-6838088

2 Huaihua Ticket Office (downtown):
Tel: 0086-745-2253777
Fax: 0086-745-2291788
Free ticket delivery within Huaihua city limits
Add: Chenlong 168 Hotel Hall, Yingfeng Road (W) (at the Airport Express bus station, convenient transport to/from the airport)


Chenzhou Ticket Office:
Tel: 86-735-2361458
Add: VIP Hall of Chenzhou Hotel, No.7 of Renmin Road (E), Chenzhou


Changde Ticket Office:
Tel: 86-736-2667777


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